Quincy, IL Habitat for Humanity

A Brief History...

The seeds of Habitat for Humanity International were planted at Koinonia Farm, a Christian community in Sumter County near Americus Georgia. In 1968, Millard Fuller, lawyer and businessman and the late Dr. Clarence Jordan, scholar and farmer, began their work dealing with the problem of substandard housing. The Biblical admonition of Exodus 22:25 provided what was to become the basis of the Habitat ministry: "If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a money lender, charge him no interest."

Koinonia Partnership Housing with a no profit no interest loan program was established. With the assistance of many volunteer workers, families in Sumner County could obtain decent housing.

In 1973, Millard Fuller and his family moved to Zaire in central Africa to see if this idea would work in a developing country. Koinonia, along with numerous churches, organizations, and individuals, gave to the Mbandaka Fund for Humanity. Many simple homes were built as a result of this program. The Fullers returned to the United States in 1976 and, shortly thereafter, Habitat for Humanity was formed. The board of directors appointed Millard Fuller president of the organization. Habitat for Humanity, a movement of love in action, has rapidly expanded. One of the most widely known volunteers is President Jimmy Carter and his wife. They are neighbors who live nearby in Plaines, Georgia!

Quincy Area Habitat for Humanity -- Quincy, IL